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Attention of stainless steel
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bet36游戏 Experts also reminded, try not to use aluminum cutlery, because aluminum accumulated in the body too much can lead to mental decline, memory loss and dementia.Aluminum cannot and iron tableware collocation more cutlery, both chemical action will lead to more aluminum ions into the food.Relevant link:Be careful of the metal in the ceramic elementThe diversity of products: make grinders concise multifarious products and modelling variety of sheet metal processing.Such as stainless steel workbench, high-grade stainless steel hotel supplies, furniture furniture, stainless steel pot, stainless steel disinfection equipment distribution box, stainless steel, stainless steel trolleys, stainless steel dustbin, stainless steel furniture products and other products.Machining: CNC machine tools (planer, shearing, folding, blunt) and high precision machining business.1. Stainless steel processing speed should be slow down, slowly feed rate, generally no more than 130 line speed.2. The coolant should use water-soluble cutting fluid, semi-synthetic, cooling and lubrication are all well. 3. Stainless steel although hard, but it also cotton is soft.The above method will mixing blade.Want to stainless steel processing cutting tool grinding.Tool is Angle is greater than 5 turning can play a lot, efficiency will be higher.General knife unilateral 3 mm.4. Because of the stainless steel is easy to deformation, drilling and tapping screw thread is very difficult, so to prevent overheating, injection on the machining surface.5. In the stainless steel welding should pay attention to the adjustment of the welding current size.6. Because in the process of machining tool surface and other non-metallic or combined into metal alloy, the cutting tool is more easy to rust, I think I can give him add a anti-oxidation film or oxidation film.7. Lathe stainless steel processing and YT8 in lane.
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