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Workmanship of working table
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bet36游戏 In the finished steel shape, the types of steel can be divided into sections, plate, pipe, steel wire, stainless steel products processing board, is commonly used in pipe is in the majority, a classification of stainless steel materials.1, materialA wide variety of profile steel, is a certain section shape and size of solid strip steel. According to the different cross section shape and both simple and complex section. The former includes round steel, square steel, flat steel, six Angle steel and Angle steel;The latter including steel, i-steel, channel steel, steel frames and deformed steel, etc. In diameter 6. 5-9. 0 mm small round steel wire.2, the plankIs a kind of generous ratio and large surface area of flat steel. According to the thickness of the different points and sheet thickness (< 4 mm), medium plate 4-25 mm (thickness) and plate (25 mm) thickness > 3 kinds. Steel belt is included in the plate in the class.3, the pipeIs a hollow section of strip steel. According to the different cross section shape can be divided into round tubes, square tubes, hexagonal tubes and all kinds of profiled steel tube. According to the different processing technology and can be divided into seamless steel tube, and welded tube of two kinds of steel pipe. Stainless steel products processingClass 4, steel wireSteel wire is the wire again cold products. According to the different shape round wire, flat wire and triangular steel wire, etc. Steel wire in addition to the direct use, also used in the production of steel wire rope, steel lines and other products.1. - also known as mild steel, carbon steel and carbon content from 0. 10% and 0. 30% of low carbon steel is easy to accept all kinds of processing such as forging, welding and cutting, often used in the production chain, rivet, bolts, shaft, etc.2. The medium carbon steel, carbon content is 0. 30% and 0. 60%, in order to make weight forgings, axle, rail, etc.3. High carbon steel - often called tool steel, the carbon content is 0. 60% and 1. 70%, hardening and tempering. Hammer, crowbar, etc by the carbon content 0. 75% of the steel manufacturing;Cutting tools such as drill, tap, reamer, etc by the carbon content 0. 90% and 1. 00% of steel production.4. Adding other metals such as chromium alloy steel - steel, nickel, tungsten, vanadium, etc., make some new characteristics. Due to the incorporation of all kinds of alloy elements, alloy steel can be corrosion resistant, heat resistant, wear resistant, shockproof and different properties such as resistance to fatigue.5. High speed steel - contains a variety of ingredients and weight, such as tungsten, chromium, vanadium, cobalt and molybdenum etc. Made of high speed steel cutting tools, available high speed for cutting hard material, and can bear strong cutting. High speed steel cutting tool in high speed still can keep the blade sharp and other steel products may be dull.
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