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Stainless steel machining (2)
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bet36游戏 How to choose a tool when cutting stainless steel materialChoose the cutting tool material is one of the important conditions to ensure high efficiency machining stainless steel.According to the requirements of the stainless steel cutting, cutting tool material should have good heat resistance, high wear resistance, low and the affinity of stainless steel, etc.At present commonly used cutting tool materials have high speed steel and carbide. 1. The choice of high speed steel, high speed steel is mainly used to manufacture milling cutter, drill, tap, broach and other complex multitool.Common high speed steel W18Cr4V when using low tool life already does not meet the need, USES the new type of high speed steel cutter cutting stainless steel can obtain good effect. Under the condition of the same turning, with 95 W18Cr4V and W18Cr4V two kinds of material of tool 1 cr17ni2 workpieces, a number of the tool sharpening a processing for 2 ~ 3 and 12 items respectively, with 95 W18Cr4V tool life improved several times.This is due to increased carbon content of steel, thus increasing the carbon content in steel, room temperature hardness increase 2 HRC red hardness is better, up 600 ℃ by W18Cr4V HRC48.5 HRC51 ~ 52, 2 ~ 3 times higher than that of W18Cr4V abrasion resistanceApplication of high vanadium high speed steel W12Cr4V4Mo production type face milling cutter processing 1 cr17ni2 can obtain high tool life.Because of vanadium content increase, VC can be formed in the steel hardness is very high, small VC exist for interface, can prevent grain growth, improve the wear resistance of steel;W12Cr4V4Mo a good red hardness, hardness can reach HRC51.7 when 600 ℃, thus is suitable for making all sorts of complex of cutting stainless steel cutting tools.But its strength (sb = 3140 MPa) and impact toughness (ak = 2.5 J/cm3) is slightly lower than W18Cr4V, when used to pay attention. With the continuous development of production technology for large batch of artifacts, the carbide blade, complex cutter for machining the effect will be better.2. The selection of the carbide: YG carbide toughness is good, can use larger rake Angle, the blade is sharpened up to some, the cutting is light, and the chip and tool is not easy to produce adhesive, is suitable for processing of stainless steel.Especially in rough turning and intermittent vibration cutting, YG class alloy the advantage is more important.In addition, YG kind of alloy has good thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity is higher than HSS nearly twice as much, is twice as tall as YT kind of alloy.So YG class alloy used in cutting of stainless steel is more, especially in roughing tool, cutting knife, reaming drill, reamer is more widely applied in manufacturing, etc. A long time, generally USES the YG6 and YG8, YG8N, YW1, YW2 ordinary brand of cemented carbide as a cutting tool material stainless steel, but cannot obtain the ideal effect;Adopting new brands of cemented carbide, such as 813, 758, 767, 640, 712, 640, YM051, YM052, YM10, YS2T, YD15 etc, cutting stainless steel can obtain good effect.And 813 brand carbide cutting tools for cutting austenitic stainless steel effect is very good, because 813 alloy has the high hardness (HRA91 or higher), intensity (sb = 1570 mpa), but also has good toughness, resistance to oxidation at high temperatures, resistance to caking property, its organization dense wearability.
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